00’s Stars Prepare for Blazin’ Comeback


They hit the big time back in 2002 and 16 years later Blazin’ Squad are making the ultimate comeback. The band hit Coventry’s Rialto on the 25th May 2019 with a brand new live show.


Noughties hip-hop legends Blazin' Squad were propelled back to fame after the arrival of Marcel aka Rocky B on 2017's Love Island.


And one thing is for sure; the UK has rediscovered the need to Flip Reverse things every now and again.


Back in 2002 even music snobs were hard-pressed to resist the pop charm of the teen band's chart-topping debut single ‘Crossroads'. ’Flip Reverse’ also holds huge nostalgic charm for many.


And despite critics best attempts to shut them down, the Nation’s love of the band continued to grow and there were five further top ten hits which included Love On The Line, (who can forget the classic line "1, 2 what-cha gonna do? / Stay at mine, sounds fine) Reminisce and Where The Story Ends.


And now, the multi-million selling Blazin' Squad are back! The mini gangsters are all grown up and have ditched the hair gel, bling and baggy-trousers of their hey-day and adopted and more sophisticated look.


Marcel AKA Rocky B AKA Plat’num is joined by Kenzie, Ollie ‘Freek’ Georgiou, Chris ‘Melo-d’ McKeckney, Stuart ‘Reepa’ Baker, Lee ‘Krazy’ Bailey, Sam ‘Spike-e’ Foulkes, James ‘Flava’ Murray, Tom ‘Tommy-B’ Beasley and Mustafa ‘Strider’ Omer.


And if that hasn’t already brightened up your day, then you should know that the Squad are thinking about recording some new music for their live show.


The burning flame at the heart of Blazin' Squad continues to burn bright ! Prepare a blazin’ musical journey down memory lane.